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Have you been struggling to eat healthy and don't know where to start?

Simplify your life with my Meal Prep e-Book

Simplify Healthy Eating

Learn the basics to make up a healthy balanced meal in this easy to follow guide.


Save Time and Money

With rising costs of food this meal prep e-book is a great way to plan ahead and reduce wastage and reduce the need to buy meals so you end up saving money.


Improve Health

With an easy to follow guide making it simple to eat healthy it's only natural that you reduce the consumption of junk food, improving your health and potentially even losing weight.

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Ellen is a Wife, Mum, Coach, Mentor, Athlete and Farmer with a passion for her mission to help 10,000 women to live their best lives. 

As a Transformation Coach Ellen teaches women to achieve abundance in their health, fitness, relationships, spiritual health and their wealth.

Ellen understands the challenges of managing time with conflicting priorities as a busy mum and the desire to feed yourself and your family healthy meals and created this meal prep guide to support women to achieve this.

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