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Breakfast - The Most Important Meal of the Day

It’s so important, but there are still so many people skipping it or giving it a half-hearted effort and filling up with coffee and carbs.

Our breakfast should NOURISH and FUEL our bodies for the day ahead. It kick starts our metabolism and gives our bodies what it needs to perform at our absolute best.

So, what do our bodies need:

Macro Nutrients (Protein, Carbs, fats).

Micronutrients (nutrient support/supplementation).

Phytonutrients (found in fruits and vegetables)

Protein - found in animal products but also in beans and legumes, chic peas, and soy

Complex Carbohydrates - grains, rice, whole grains

Good Fats - avocado, salmon, tuna, almonds

Phytonutrients - found in fruits and vegetables - variety is important as each colour offers different nutrients.

Getting these essential nutrients into our bodies is important for our health and wellbeing and our performance in all aspects of our day.

A while back I had an unexpected overnight stay in hospital with our youngest child who was kept overnight for observation. As I said, it was an unexpected adventure so no planning went into what I took with me to the hospital.

I was surprised by what was offered to patients at breakfast time as it had very little nutritional value! My thinking is that when you are sick you should be nourishing your body even more than usual to give your body what it needs to work towards wellness. By not eating nutritious foods at this time you could actually delay your wellness. The breakfast that was served was very carb loaded and had far more sugar that I would consider consuming in 1 day:

Toast - white bread - carbs yes but high GI (a better alternative would be wholegrain)

Jam - I rarely eat jam as it offers little nutritional value but is high in sugar.

Weet Bix - More carbs (then add the sugar they included)

Full cream milk - I generally avoid cows milk as our stomachs are not designed to digest this and it is the cause for a lot of stomach/digestive issues in humans (we are not baby cows).

Juice - again not something I have as it is high in sugar.

So what was missing?

Protein - protein contains essential amino acids for our bodies. Protein builds muscle. Muscles are our reservoir of wellness. This is a pretty important component to miss.

Good fats - The margarine that was included for the toast does not count.

Phytonutrients - there were no fruits or vegetables included in this meal.

The impact of having a carb loaded breakfast such as this is it will cause a rise in energy quite quickly, with a very speedy drop in energy not long after, The reason being that the high Glycemic Index of the food means the body processes it quite quickly, whereas low GI foods are processed more slowly giving a more sustained release of energy.

How do we get this so wrong? Our focus should be on healing the sick. On giving them what their bodies need to promote wellness.

Thankfully my husband dropped off our steadfast breakfast which is included in my nutrition plan, and we were able to give our bodies the essential nutrients we needed to start our day well.

I urge you to review your breakfast, consider the essential nutrients we should be including, and make a change to start your day off with a complete breakfast. There are simple ways to do this, and if you are interested in hearing how our nutrient support program can assist you to achieve optimum health then please feel free to reach out; or jump over and book an Initial Wellness Consultation to get started.

*Hospital staff are incredible - the work they do and the care they take is not to be taken lightly, especially considering the pressure they are under. So please know that this blog is not a reflection of my opinion of Nurses or Doctors, or hospital staff in general, it is simply an observation of a missing link into improving the health and wellbeing of patients.

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