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The Ellen Renee Story

Live your Best Life!

Ellen started her own wellness journey in 2015 after a 5 year battle with chronic pain following a motor vehicle accident. Having been consumed by pain for 5 years Ellen had lost her way and fell into some poor eating habits and her self-love and self-care fell to the wayside as she struggled to provide essential care to her 3 children.

Fortunately Ellen found a friend who was a coach and helped her to make some changes to her nutrition and eating which got Ellen started on a wellness journey, seeing her lose over 19kg. Ellen is now an Ultra Marathon runner who absolutely thrives on seeing others improve their health and wellness. 

Ellen's passion is inspiring and empowering other Mum's to prioritise their own self-love and self-care to live their absolute best lives, this is achieved through the improvement of nutrition and health and fitness.


Through this transformation Ellen has been able to apply her new mindset and increased knowledge to completely transform all aspects of her life, and now lives her life in complete Abundance. This has created opportunity to show others how to do the same, so Ellen shares her knowledge and experience to help others live their lives in complete Abundance.

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